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The Nike+ FuelBand team talk about the inspiration behind the next great Nike+ product designed specifically for everyday athletes.

Soon to be release this fall, BodyMedia Core2 armband.  The device tracks:  calories burned, steps taken, physical activity as well as sleep activity, all with a 90% accuracy, claims Erin Fitzgerald in the interview.  Accuracy being most important when it comes to weight loss.  It comes with a heart rate accessory strap, waterproof, and equipped with bluetooth low energy technology.  Your heart rate can be tracking all day while wearing this band whether one is engaged in moderate or vigorous activity, sedentary or really moving.  It also comes with a mobile app and online database that can print out reports and also share on social media.  The Core2 will also be featured in this seasons “The Biggest Loser”, where the contestants will be wearing them. The sleep tracker also monitors your sleep efficiency, which you can visually see on a graph.

Carl Smith It didn't release in August. It is now Oct 1 and they are still saying it will be released "in the Fall."

The FitBit Flex comes with two bands, the tracker device unit, usb dongle and charger unit. A simple elegant design and when you tap on the band it displays your  progress through-out the day. You would need to take the tracker device unit out of the band to charge it and one charge will usually last up to 5-days through general usage. FitBit says that it is water-proof up to a couple of meters, however it will have difficulty tracking your swimming. To connect to the FitBit App, just plug your dongle into the usb port and it should automatically sync with the program. It also has an iPhone app in which you can link your device through bluetooth to your phone.

Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky reviews the Basis B1 fitness band.  Unlike competing bands which uses an accelerometer to track your body movements;  the Basis B1 can measure steps, sleep, heart rate, perspiration and skin temperature through little sensors embedded on the back of the watch.  Tapping the screen gives one real time updates.  The devices also comes with software to dive deeper into ones activity/sleep analysis, finding patterns, setting goals for healthy habits, and tracking ones progress.  It is also water resistant for everyday usage, however the company recommends not using it while swimming.  The Basis B1 has bluetooth built in and will eventually have apps for wireless data transfers onto your android or iphone.  The watch comes in all black or white with black trim colorways.

Jawbone UP Fitness Band tracks your steps, calories burned and sleep. You can also input the calories you’re taking in to get an idea of your weight gain and loss. The Jawbone UP is a complete fitness system all rolled into on.  It is a sturdy rubber, silicon material that comes in variety of colors and sizes.  The packaging has a flap that you check your size before buying.  There is button on the end that you push which illuminates on the band to indicate what mode your in.  The band has to be taken off to physically sync and transfer your data onto you smartphone app (no wireless transfers).  The battery will get you around 10 days between charges.  The UP is water resistant to showering and such, however no swimming.  The app is graphically easy to see your progress which helps for monitoring ones activity and how far along you are from your goal.  It also has a feature built into the app to tracking your calorie intake by scanning the bar code on the packaging of what your eating or drinking and it uploads the nutritional content, very vital to attaining your weight loss plan.  The sleep mode like most competitor bands will detect your sleeping patterns-light sleep, deep, and when your waking, however has a alarm feature that will wake you 30 mins. prior to your set alarm time to wake you when your in light sleep mode.  This help to wake-up without the heavy grogginess.  There is also a nap feature which indicates when the optimal time is for the power nap.

Coolest feature on this Activity Tracker Band is the touch-screen LCD monitor, you swipe across the band to feature the different functions.  It has bluetooth connectivity as well as GPS capabilities that connects to your smartphone.  The connectivity to your smartphone-the band can display your text messages, tell you who is calling, and you can control your music as well.  The band is water resistant and according to the video, you can swim with it.  It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.  On the App. you are also able to get your fitness or activity analytics to set goals and to share with friends or training partners.

Here is a corporate commercial for the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet.  The Amiigo comes in two parts:  the bracelet and a pod that attaches to your shoe.  The software that comes with it is designed to make your experience more fun and social.  The system is designed to learn and adapt to each user, which means the more you work-out, the better the system is capable of predicting and recommending work-outs for you.  Your able to track yourself and friends in real time, so it can become a competition among user, or to set goals for each and push one another on.  The user will be able to win points on redeem them to get discounts on supplements or health related gear.

The Nike Fuel Band uses an accelerometer to track steps and calories burn which one can earn Fuel points.  The points can earn you awards to help motivate and set your fitness goals.  With a button you can access various functions of the band which is displayed with LEDs.   Syncing can be done by either plugging in the band directly into the usb port or through bluetooth technology.